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Astonishing Video Purports to Show a Toddler Who Was Fully Buried Underground Being Pulled – Alive – From Rubble


“Slowly, slowly."

The moment the toddler was fully pulled out from under the earth (Screenshot: YouTube)

A video posted on YouTube purports to show the moment Syrian men rescue a toddler from under the rubble of a demolished structure in Aleppo.

The men in the tape were seen working frantically through the rubble with one shovel and their bare hands. For several long minutes, they pushed aside dirt and pulled out large rocks.

While at first, they did not appear to detect signs of life, one of the men seemed to indicate that he felt something after which those watching begin calling out “Allahu Akbar” or “Allah is the greatest.” Others shouted praise of the prophet Mohammed.

“Slowly, slowly,” one of the men warned.

The head of a baby soon emerged, having been completely buried under the dirt and remains of the building.

The head of the toddler emerged (Screenshot: YouTube)

Slowly, the men cleared the rubble from around his chest (Screenshot: YouTube)

While the child at first appeared to be lifeless, after about a minute above ground he opened his eyes and rubbed his eyes, perhaps to block out the intense light in contrast with the darkness underground or perhaps to rub dirt out of his eyes.

As the men worked to extract his pelvis and legs, they let his top flop around and at one point appeared to debate whether to use a pickaxe next to him. One decided to go ahead and use the heavy tool.

The toddler started rubbing his eyes (Screenshot: YouTube)

The men appeared to debate whether to use a pickaxe, then went ahead with it (Screenshot: YouTube)

The toddler from close up (Screenshot: YouTube)

The moment the toddler was fully pulled out from under the earth (Screenshot: YouTube)

Seven minutes into the rescue, the baby could be heard crying.

When the toddler was fully pulled out of the ground, further celebratory shouts of “Allahu Akbar” were heard.

No further information was provided by the group that posted the video on YouTube, other than that the incident occurred on January 22. Like the majority of videos coming out of Syria, TheBlaze is unable to verify its authenticity. Here is the video:

(H/T: Reuters)

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