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Housekeeper Stunned in the Best Way Possible by What She Found Under Motel Room Sheets


"I cannot accept this."

Image source: YouTube

A housekeeper at a motel serving those coming into town for the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, was speechless when she pulled back the sheets.

Hand over her mouth, she stared for a few moments and began to cry.

housekeeper tip Image source: YouTube

While a hotel housekeeper might be accustomed to getting a few dollars as a tip for their services, this woman just received $500.

housekeeper tip Image source: YouTube

Collecting the bills that had been carefully fanned out on the bed to surprise her, she also tried to collect herself. That's when the generous tipsters stepped in.

housekeeper tip Image source: YouTube

The tip was the work of Give Back Films in collaboration with Udi’s Gluten-Free Foods. Previously, TheBlaze has covered some of the work of the feel-good filmmakers who try to give back to those deserving or in need.

"I cannot accept this. You have to take it back," the woman said as the filmmakers came from their hiding spots in the car outside the room.

housekeeper tip Image source: YouTube

The woman's boss was in on the generous stunt. At the beginning of the short film, the woman manning the front desk at the motel explained that the young woman filled their need for a housekeeper when she was looking for a place to stay. In this role, she exceeded the manager's expectations.

"You deserve it," the woman said the recipient of the $500 tip. "You do a great job."

Watch the touching short film that captured her reaction with hidden cameras:

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