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Latest Deep Freeze Brings New Water Trick: The Frozen Bubble


"...they turn instantly into a solid film, almost like plastic."

In the extremely cold weather across much of the country, a few weeks ago many were testing out the viral trick of throwing boiling water into the air. As the frigid weather still persists in the Midwest and Northeast, it might be time to give another cold weather trick a try.

What happens when you blow a soap bubble?

The YouTube channel NightHawkInLight set about answering this question, blowing his bubbles at -4 Fahrenheit (-20 Celsius).

freezing bubbles Image source: YouTube

Now, he has a giant bubble maker, but you can test it out with your basic Mr. Bubble wand left over from last summer.

The bubbles fly off like frozen wisps, looking like eerie ghosts of a bubble that transform into artistic shreds of tissue-like paper in the air.

freezing bubbles Image source: YouTube

"It seems they turn instantly into a solid film, almost like plastic," NightHawkInLight wrote in the video description.

Watch the mesmerizing footage:

With chilly blast continuing to keep some areas of the country at temperatures in teens to double-digits below zero, now might be the perfect time to test this trick, which is less dangerous than the boiling water stint.

(H/T: GeekOSystem)

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