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The Last Round You'll Ever Need': The Awesome New Bullet Billed as a 'One-Shot Manstopper


New round designed for law enforcement & self defense "to take out all your vital organs."

Gun owners who prefer a hollow point design to a full metal jacket might have found a new favorite.

G2 Research (G2R) released it's new Radically Invasive Projectile (R.I.P.) this month, hoping to "take the civilian and law enforcement markets by storm, and truly become the last round you'll ever need."

G2 Research released its new Radically Invasive Projectile that has some gun owners drooling. The eight trocar-designed points expand when they reach the target.  (YouTube screenshot).

G2R, based in Winder, Ga., highlights that the bullet points are manufactured with trocar angles -- or simply put, edges with three angles reaching one point -- to "penetrate the dermis layer more efficiently."

The G2R website explains the R.I.P. acts like a full metal jacket when it impacts solid objects: "It is capable of going through barriers such as sheet rock, plywood, sheet metal or glass and still performs its original intent. The bullet shreds through solid objects and only then, expands its energy."

The R.I.P. bullet expands after impacting a paint-filled balloon. G2R President Cliff Brown said they specifically designed the new round without lead to get ahead of Environmental Protection Agency concerns. (YouTube screenshot).

Gun owners often choose to use expanding bullets as a safety measure to avoid over-penetration -- referred to as a through-and-through -- and to eliminate potential ricochets. Solid bullets can bounce unpredictably wildly off of solid rocks and concrete, exponentially increasing danger to bystanders.

Cliff Brown, G2 Research President, told The Blaze that excitement for the new round "went viral" after they visited the Las Vegas Shot Show in January, and published their research videos online.

"We went around and talked to several vendors and it knocked their socks off," Brown said. "I've been in the ammunition business for many years and I wanted to create a round that would work well against a home intruder -- there were so many stories out there about a woman trying to defend her home and having to shoot someone five or six times and they'd still come after her, we wanted to create an effective one-shot manstopper."

The Radically Invasive Projectile trajectories can be seen through ballistics gel. Shot here from both sides, the gel shows the way the new round will expand once it impacts a target. (YouTube screenshot).

"This bullet is designed to take out all your vital organs...inferior bullets won't be a problem anymore," Brown said. The company president stressed prevention of law enforcement injuries was a primary focus for the round designers.

"The R.I.P. will not defeat level 3A body armor, that was one of our main goals when designing this bullet," Brown said.

The company's site adds that G2R has tested the new round with numerous fully automatic and semi automatic firearms, as well as rifles. They claim to have zero failures when testing most well known firearms on the market including Sig, Glock, Beretta, Springfield, FN, Taurus, Walther, Khar, S&W and many others.

Expanding bullets are illegal in some areas, such as New Jersey, unless they are driven directly from the place of purchase to the home or to the range. However, most states allow expanding bullets for use in self defense.


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