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Is There a 'Dramatic Increase' in Hostility and Harassment Directed at Christian Students in Public Schools?


"We atheists laugh at you Christians."

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Is there a notable increase in hostility directed at Christian students in America's public schools?

That's what Advocates for Faith and Freedom, a legal organization in Murrieta, Calif., is claiming. General counsel Bob Tyler recently told Christian News Network that his firm is seeing a major increase in inquiries and requests for help from kids who claim to face hostility as a result of their faith.

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"We have seen a dramatic increase of phone calls nationwide as it pertains to kids in public schools who are facing hostility because of their faith," Tyler said.

But rather than instances of bullying from other students, he said these complaints generally involve "teachers and school administrators who are curtailing the students' free speech rights simply because they're Christians."

Tyler worries about the impact that this dynamic might be having on the nation's students and is worried about how future generations will be impacted.

"The more that our kids are being told that there is no God, and the more hostile that these teachers are allowed to be, and the more disapproval that they have the ability to show toward Christ, the greater impact it will have on future generations and whether they believe in God," he added.

Through Advocates for Faith and Freedom, Tyler pledged to fight for Christians students' free speech rights in the courts, claiming that the government doesn't have the right to be hostile toward any specific religion. Students, he argued, should be able to exercise their First Amendment rights in public schools as they can in other public venues.

Tyler also shared examples of complaints he has received from students across America. He said a teacher in Boston purportedly waged a recent attack a 7th grader's faith.

"The atheist teacher said, 'We atheists laugh at you Christians. No one will believe in God [in 50 years] because science has proven that there is no God," Tyler told Christian News Network. "How humiliating that would be."

TheBlaze recently reported on two cases Advocates for Faith and Freedom is handling. In one incident, a teacher reportedly told a child she was “not allowed to talk about the Bible" in school. In a separate incident, a different teacher reportedly told a student that "Jesus is not allowed in school."

Read more about Tyler's claims here.


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