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Confused' liberal tells Asian reporters they should 'become the same person

Credit: Twitter @SuzyKhimm and @SeungMinKim

How uncomfortable. And seemingly racist.

On Wednesday, a self-identified "progressive and liberal" Twitter user who goes by the handle @ToThrive made the mistake of telling two Asian reporters that they should "become the same person" so that he can "stop getting confused."

Credit: Twitter @SuzyKhimm and @SeungMinKim

ToThrive's remark was directed at Politico's Seung Min Kim (pictured left) and msnbc.com's Suzy Khimm (right).

"Look," said the tweet, which has since been deleted, "Suzy Khimm and Seung Min Kim need to just become the same person so I stop getting confused."

Seung Min retweeted the comment, asking, "What's wrong with you?"

Curiously, ToThrive's Twitter bio says he's "a Progressive & Liberal man" It also says: "I happen to be considered attractive. Which is nice."

So, what happened?

"Hold up! It was a stupid rhyming name joke!" ToThrive tweeted at Seung Min and Khimm, once he was called out by Seung Min.

Of course, those names don't rhyme but they do both end in the sound "Kim." And that's unbearably confusing.

After landing on the receiving end of more berating by other media professionals, ToThrive followed up in a tweet to Seung Min, "I said nothing racist & am being trolled because I tweeted a dumb rhyming last name tweet? Kinda unfair." The tweet included the hashtag "#YesItWasARottenJoke."

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