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The Inspiring Reason This Well-Known Reporter and Weatherman Is Quitting Full-Time TV


"...I know in my heart it's time to pull back on my TV duties so I can switch gears and answer my calling..."

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Chuck Gaidica has been a reporter and weatherman for more than 30 years, so the announcement that he'll be stepping down might come as a shock to locals in Detroit who regularly tune in to his forecasts.

But starting later this year, rather than sharing warnings about impending storms with the masses, Gaidica will be preaching the Christian gospel to thousands.

Long time weatherman Chuck Gaidica is stepping down to become a pastor (Image source: WDIV-TV)

A well-known and respected weatherman, Gaidica will vacate his director of meteorology position with Detroit's WDIV-TV to become a full-time Christian pastor.

But the transition process will be a slow one, as he will stay with the station until August, then start working on a part-time basis, The Detroit News reported.

"I’m 55. It’s not the normal time to leave a big job at a big station," he said. "I’m anxious to find out what God has in store for me going forward."

Gaidica has been working on a Master's degree in ministry over the past few years and said that he has been thinking over what direction his life should take. Recently, that decision was made clear and he decided to join the staff at Oak Pointe Church in Novi, Mich., as pastor of world outreach .

"It was partly me taking stock of my age and my health. If I’m going to serve other people, whatever that means, the time seemed right," Gaidica said. "If you’d told me six years ago that I was going to change my life, go to a seminary, sell my house and leave the best job in the city, I would have said, 'Huh?'"

In a press release distributed by WDIV-TV, he expressed similar sentiments, noting that his calling to ministry drove his decision.

"It is a privilege to be a part of Local 4 and have the career in meteorology and broadcasting that I have," Gaidica said. "It has been a long and exciting journey but I know in my heart it's time to pull back on my TV duties so I can switch gears and answer my calling to the ministry."

See a news report about Gaidica's family history below:

The weatherman, who is being replaced by Ben Bailey, has been at the station since 1987 and, though he's leaving his full-time role as the director of meteorology, Gaidica won't completely break ties with WDIV-TV.

It appears he'll continue doing big event coverage and will likely still assist in select reporting, according to news director Kim Voet, who told The Detroit News that he will "always be a part of the WDIV family."

Gaidica also said that he would like to do a series of features on good news and good deeds after his departure.

(H/T: The Detroit News)


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