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The Unprecedented, Powerful Coalition Three Major Conservative Personalities Are Building Likely Has the Establishment Terrified


"Something big is happening. Something good is really happening."

Two heads are better than one, as the old saying goes. That surely means that three heads are even better.

If there’s any truth to that saying, the establishment in Washington and progressives everywhere are likely none too pleased to hear that conservative personalities Glenn Beck, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity are on the same page and joining forces to help the country get back on what they feel is the right path.

After previously allowing themselves to be caught up in a “stupid” competitive feud in talk radio, Beck revealed on his radio show Thursday that he has spoken with Levin and Hannity and they are all ready to start to “move together.”

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program Dec. 12, 2013. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

“I am grateful to this audience. I am grateful for you. There was a stupid feud, and the three of us, Sean, and Mark and I, have talked about it,” Beck explained. “And we know where it came from, and we know who was feeding us lies about each other. And this individual just expected that if they fed us enough lies about each other, we would never talk to each other. And that way he would be able to divide us and keep the Tea Party movement at bay and control it as much as he could or destroy it. And we were foolish.”

Beck also read a letter he wrote to Levin on his radio show Thursday:

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Beck said he, Levin and Hannity all have a different skill set, all of which are important to bring the country together and focus on real solutions.

“We are at the end,” Beck added. “And if talk radio begins to move together and we all understand: I don’t do what Sean Hannity does, and he can’t do what I can do. Same with Mark. I mean that… Everybody plays a different role. And each of us have an important piece.”

In his heart, Glenn says he believes his role to influence the culture, while Levin is able to nail the intricacies of politics. Hannity, he said, has a knack for outlining common sense, workable solutions to some of the most complex problems facing the United States.

The news is undoubtedly music to many conservative ears. Though Beck admitted progressives will not take the news well. He even jokingly referred to the trio as the “Wonder Twins.”

Sean Hannity (Image Source: Shutterstock.com)

Conservative radio host Mark Levin speaks at a 'Cut Spending Now' rally at the conservative Americans for Prosperity (AFP) 'Defending the American Dream Summit' in Washington on November 5, 2011. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

What's just as significant as Beck, Hannity and Levin joining forces is the prospect of each of their audiences coming together to work towards a common goal.

All three made Talkers magazine’s top 10 most important radio talk show hosts in America in 2013. Hannity was ranked No. 2, Beck was No. 4 and Levin was pegged at No. 7.

"Something big is happening. Something good is really happening,” Beck concluded. “Well, I mean, unless you’re a progressive then I don’t think you’re going to like this. It’s not good news for you.”

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