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Car's Worst Nightmare': A Car-Eating Monster Machine


"Serial car killer"

Image source: YouTube

If cars were living beings that could dream and therefore have nightmares, one that would likely haunt them is of a car-eating monster whose grinding jaws suck their metal frames into its mouth and pulverize them to pieces.

The machine that's described as "a car's worst nightmare" really does exist.

car worst nightmare Image source: YouTube

According to the video showing the machine in action, being crunched is the fate of cars that park in the wrong place in Poland (translated via Google Translate).

car worst nightmare Image source: YouTube

car worst nightmare Image source: YouTube

Watch it take less than three minutes to reduce the car to rubble:

CarScoops reported that the "serial car killer" is made by the German company Hammel. It's a shredder that can bring "an automobile into bits and pieces of metal and other materials in around 30 seconds."

There are many videos showing the Hammel shredders in action on YouTube. Here are a couple:

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