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Grandmother Reveals 5 Most Chilling Moments From the Now-Infamous Indiana Exorcism House


"They don't like for us to pray. They don't like that at all."

Latoya Ammons isn’t the only person speaking out in great detail about demonic forces she believes attacked her family. Her mother, Rosa Campbell, appears in newly-released video from the police investigation in which she, too, shares terrifying details about the Indiana home.

We already know some of the family’s claims about the so-called “portal to hell,” but footage of Rosa explaining the finer details provides additional insight -- informational tidbits that add disturbing new layers to an already complex story.

In a video secured by The Daily Mail, Campbell offered up some chilling details. Here are five of her claims:


1. Her Grandson Was Violently Thrown?

Campbell said she was in the kitchen one day and that her grandson was put "up in the air" and flung across the room.

It all started after two of her grandchildren complained of leg pain. Then, she said that one of the children was picked up by demonic forces and hurled through the air.

"I went into the kitchen just for a half a second and turned around and saw [it] pick him up and throw him into this deep freezer head first," she said.

Then, she shared how her daughter and grandsons started uttering what she called an "evil chant" (she also referred to it as a "Satan chant").

"This is unbelievable. Nobody's going to believe this Toya," she recalled telling her daughter.


2. Campbell Said Doctors and Witnesses Saw Evidence of Possession

It's unclear if this particular incident is the same one during which witnesses claimed one of the children walked up a wall, but the details are chilling regardless.

"I saw it coming. It was trying to come out before I brought them into the office," Campbell said. "I kept them in the car with my daughter."

But once the kids were inside with doctors and nurses, that's when the situation purportedly turned ugly.

"Heels twisting, eyes rolling, saying whatever they usually do," she said of the demonic behavior coming from the kids. "And then his mouth looked crazy and ... he started twisting and talking in tongues and stuff -- and then it started cursing at you and staying evil stuff -- and then it threw my grandson completely across the room."

Campbell said that the doctors and nurses saw what unfolded and ran away, refusing to come back into the room.

Watch Ammons share details in an interview with Inside Edition:


3. She Said Something Was Choking Her in the Basement

One day while Campbell was doing laundry and chores in the basement, she said something terrifying happened.

"I came down here one time by myself cleaning up because my daughter was supposed to come with me, but it was messing with her real bad," she said (presumably speaking about the demonic forces). "And I have all kind of sinus problems, but for some reason I started coughing and choking and coughing and choking so bad I couldn't breathe."

Campbell was apparently scared, so she prayed while doing work in the basement. But she believes her prayers upset the demonic forces in the home.

"I was doing fine, but I was praying the whole time I was down here. They don't like for us to pray," she said. "They don't like that at all."

And then something started "choking" her she said.

"I coughed so bad my back started hurting," Campbell added.


4. Something Flew Across the Room

Campbell said that, on another occasion, something was sent flying across the room. When the family went to see what it was, they realized it was a holiday decoration featuring the holy family.

The grandmother showed the item to investigators when they visited the house; it's in the video.


5. A Creature Emerged From Her Daughter's Closet, Campbell Claimed

One day, something purportedly "formed" in her daughter's bedroom. Ammons told her mother it looked like a scary monster, but she couldn't bring herself to talk about it in the house.

"I can't tell you. I can't tell you what I saw," Campbell remembered her daughter saying.

The family went to a hotel at that point, but the grandmother claimed the spirits followed them there and again attacked the kids.

Watch her explain it all in detail:


Featured image via Daily Mail

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