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It Took All of 50 Seconds for Ted Nugent to Go Off in This Radio Interview


The "media in this country is basically Joseph Goebbels' propaganda ministry."

It took less than a minute for rock star and gun enthusiast Ted Nugent to launch into a harsh anti-media tirade during an interview Monday with Denver radio talk host Peter Boyles.

Ted Nugent performs at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, Aug. 16, 2013. (AP)

The "media in this country is basically Joseph Goebbels' propaganda ministry,” Nugent said.

He continued, debuting his “New American National Anthem,” which consisted of him bleating like a sheep.

"It breaks my heart to have to say these things," Nugent said. "But we have to say these things. Because if you don't get rid of the bad and the ugly, the good will continue to be strangled."

"Ted, what has happened to the Republican Party?" Boyles asked.

"Someone extracted their scrotum with a rusty shiv," Nugent said. "They have no balls. I don't know where this, 'Let's be Mr. Rogers with a Lawrence Welk soundtrack tie adjusting' mantra came from, but my God! If there's a life-support system attached to the GOP, it's flat-lining."

But hard-working American haven’t lost their spirit, he continued. It’s that they’re not being represented in Washington.

He turned his attention to Democratic lawmakers and the “blue” areas in the country: "If ever there was a poster child for apathy, disconnect, laziness and abandonment of 'We the People,' and moral dereliction, it is Colorado.”

Later, Boyles revealed that he’s a “hardcore birther,” an admission that was met with relative silence from Nugent.

Listen to the full interview here:

If you're interested, you can get more Nugent by listening to his rant against big government that he delivered to TheBlaze's Dana Loesch.


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