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RNC Official Sends GOP Congress Members a Letter Urging Them to Rethink Their Position on Gay Marriage -- and We Have It


"... a lot of people in the party think we focus too much attention on that."

A top Republican National Committee District of Columbia official sent a letter to all GOP members of the House and Senate urging them to rethink their position on gay issues.

Republican staffers who saw the letter were confused to see the RNC logo printed above the message from Bob Kabel urging support of policies that directly contradict with official Republican Party views, a congressional staff member told TheBlaze.

Robert Kabel, right, sent a letter to all Republicans in the House and Senate, urging them to read David Lampo's book. (Photo courtesy: David Lampo).

"Despite the media's often-reported storyline of the right's opposition to gay rights, the fact is that a large majority of rank-and-file Republicans support legislation that affects gay Americans, including the Employment Non-Discrimination Act [ENDA]... a majority of Republicans is satisfied with the repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and supports keep marriage a state issue," Kabel wrote. "It's time that our Party's platform and elected officials begin to reflect the views of most Republicans."

A Republican staffer who provided a copy of Kabel's letter to TheBlaze quizzically asked, "Why is the RNC sending a letter in support of gay marriage and ENDA?"

RNC spokesman Raffi Williams confirmed the letter was not sent with the RNC's blessing.

"The RNC's platform supports the traditional definition of marriage," Williams said.

Kabel sent the letter along with a copy of the book, "A Fundamental Freedom: Why Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians Should Support Gay Rights" by author David Lampo. (Lampo's book was featured in TheBlaze's books section in March 2013.)

The note was printed on RNC letterhead, but Kabel removed the official message at the bottom of all such stationary stating that it was paid for by the RNC. It was not; Kabel told TheBlaze that the letter and book distribution was financed by the Liberty Education Forum, an education think tank of the Log Cabin Republicans, a gay Republican group.

"A lot of younger Americans are turned off by the Republicans' heavy focus on social issues, and as a gay man, I know so many of my friends have left the party because of the lack of correct attention on economic and defense issues," Kabel said.

Kabel, an attorney and lobbyist by day in D.C. who was elected to his post in 2012, said he is longtime friends with Lampo and wanted to provide a copy of the author's book so it might spark conversations among all Republican members.

"Those who focus on abortion, right to life and marriage ... a lot of people in the party think we focus too much attention on that," Kabel said. "I'm not trying to lecture anyone or tell anyone how to run their campaign, because in some districts this won't matter, but in other districts, losing the youth or women vote will matter."

Lampo told TheBlaze in an email that he has not heard from any members of Congress since Kabel's letter, but that several RNC officials he spoke with at a recent reception seemed "pretty supportive of its message."


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