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Donald Trump calls Gail Collins 'frumpy'

Image source: Donald Trump's Facebook page

Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

New York Times columnist Gail Collins is "frumpy" and "irrelevant" according to premium necktie designer Donald Trump.

"How does frumpy and little-read NYTimes editorial writer Gail Collins keep her job?" Trump tweeted Thursday. "She is totally irrelevant!"

Not that Trump is known for his measured tweets, but what could set him off on someone as innocuous as Gail Collins?

It was this part at the very bottom of her latest column taking stock of all the bizarre political races across the country:

Honesty, somebody is always better than nobody. Except possibly when we are talking about Donald Trump running for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in New York.

Trump says he may run for governor of New York but only if all Republicans vow to support him and no other candidate.

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