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How One Reporter Tried to Convince People to Be Prepared for Winter Weather Is Epic


"It is such a dangerous situation we have just entered."

Karen Hepp (WTXF-TV screen shot)

Many of you are advocates of being prepared. You're also advocates of helping your neighbor and figuring out how to survive should something really bad happen. So is Philadelphia reporter Karen Hepp, it seems. And she delivered quite the rant letting people know.

Karen Hepp (WTXF-TV screen shot)

On Wednesday, Hepp was doing a live report for WTXF-TV from one of the areas battered by this week's East Coast winter storm. While the snow had stopped, she was worried people weren't taking the threat of an ice storm serious enough. So she unloaded.

"I just want to emphasize this," she said, before adding, "there are some communities here in Chester County where 100 percent of the entire town is without power. We think that some of these warnings are expiring at 1 o'clock -- this is not the end of the storm! This is the beginning of our problems!"

"We are just entering an ice storm," she continued, crossing her fingers. "This is what I was hoping against hope would not happen."

Then things got downright scary as her cadence quickened:

"We are going to have people that are going to be dying over the next couple days. We are going to be losing heat in many of our homes. People will be making poor choices. We're going to see people use candles. We will have many, many fires. We will see some of the heaters that will catch fires. We're see people bring generators into their homes. It is such a dangerous situation we have just entered."

She then predicted an inability to get food, later recommending viewers bag snow and putting it in ther refrigerator and freezer to save the food they have.

"This is the time to start looking around and say, 'What am I going to do to survive tonight?'" she added.

"It's time to start to think together ... 'How do we survive this together?'"

Watch the epic monologue that lasted over three minutes below:

Of course Hepp's assessment wasn't met without some skepticism:

[blackbirdpie url="https://twitter.com/BrianPHickey/status/431444251012890625"]

So far she hasn't delivered an epic response.

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