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Remember 'JournoList'?

Credit: Washington Post

There's some buzz around Ezra Klein lately, almost exclusively in Washington, D.C., and New York, about the new journalism venture he's starting after having left the Washington Post, where he became an elite media star.

Credit: Washington Post Credit: Washington Post

Outside of that, the name may only ring a bell for people who remember "JournoList," exposed in 2010 for being an online forum for left-leaning reporters who sometimes made disparaging comments about conservatives in media and politics. Klein moderated that forum and discontinued it shortly after it reached the wider public in the news.

Some believed the forum served as a way for journalists to coordinate ways to discredit conservatives.

So, does he run any other forums like that now?

In an interview with Real Clear Politics, Klein says no. He also denies that it was anything more than a way for reporters to connect socially. "It was always so hilarious to me," Klein says, "that people thought it was (journalists) coordinating because I spent all my time trying to stop people (on the List) from killing each other."

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