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See the Power of Mother Nature in a Mesmerizing, Five-Minute Video of an Avalanche as It Buries an Italian Town


"...fled before the snow."

Image source: YouTube

An avalanche that occurred in northern Italy last week appears to be so slow moving it's almost as if the footage taken of it is in slow motion. But it's its speed that might have a saving grace for the inhabitants of the town nestled in the Alps.

For five long minutes, snow buried the area in the Passiria valley in South Tyrol, Italy, which is near the Austrian border.

According to the BBC, the event occurred Thursday after the area experienced record snowfall. It did not result in any casualties.

Avalanche Image source: YouTube

Thomas Ennemoser, who posted the video on YouTube, wrote (via Google Translate) that the inhabitants of the Oberpamer-yard pass were outside at the time, but "when they saw the avalanche, they fled before the snow."

Avalanche Image source: YouTube

Avalanche Image source: YouTube

Watch the footage:

Three inns in the area were evacuated with people being rushed out by car or helicopter. The Oberpamer farm was partially buried.

The area, according to Ennemoser is prone to avalanches, rockfall and debris flows.

(H/T: Gawker)

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