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He's About to Reveal Something Shocking About His Faith Using Only His Hands


"After a long and mighty struggle, the answer finally became clear..."

Image source: YouTube

Pastor Justin Vollmar has spent the past few years releasing sign-language videos explaining Biblical concepts, but the preacher recently made a stunning revelation that will end his ministry: he's now an atheist.

A Facebook page for Vollmar's Virtual Deaf Church describes his initiative as "an online church for deaf people." Through the Internet church, Vollmar has been releasing theology videos for quite some time.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

But over the past few months, the online preacher has been posting fewer of his sign-language clips.

While he posted two last week, there was a five-month gap between those clips and the previous sermon he posted to the Virtual Deaf Church's YouTube channel.

In his latest video, titled, "I Have Become an Atheist," Vollmar admits that he has abandoned his Christian faith.

After noting that he has stopped posting sermons and Biblical commentaries, Vollmar makes his stunning revelation and explains why he's leaving the faith behind.

"A profound wonderful change occurred in my life. My mind just completely shifted to the other side," he said, noting that he could not allow himself to continue posting Bible-based videos. "After a long and mighty struggle, the answer finally became clear. This may shock you completely. Yes, I have become an atheist."

Vollmar explained that, after studying the Bible closely in seminary, he noticed and struggled with many perceived contradictions in Christianity -- issues he said couldn't be ignored.

He was inevitably apologetic to his fans and viewers, saying that he knows his announcement might be upsetting to them, but that it is something he believes he needed to come forward with.

"In the end, I have [been] completely convinced that there is truly no God," Vollmar added. "It is all nonsense."

Watch his stunning admission below:

Vollmar said that, prior to his announcement, he joined the Clergy Project, a secretive organization that serves as a support group and a rehabilitation program of sorts for pastors looking to escape the pulpit and embrace atheism.

The former pastor did say he might continue posting videos, though it's unclear what his "ministry" will look like now that he's an atheist.

(H/T: Friendly Atheist)

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