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What a Woman Chose to Breastfeed to Save Its Life Has Generated a Lot of Controversy


"Saving a life is all that matters."

A Colorado woman's decision to breastfeed an orphaned puppy that she says was on the verge of dying has ignited controversy and a debate over whether her actions were appropriate.

The unidentified woman initially posted a photo of the act to her personal Facebook page last week, explaining her reasoning for breastfeeding the puppy, according to KRDO-TV. That photo was then taken by an individual and widely circulated on the Internet (blurred in the image below):

Individuals have now turned to social media to debate her actions, with most people on KRDO-TV's page appearing to support the woman's actions.

"Saving a life is all that matters," wrote Theresa Bowen.

"Good for her," echoed Crystal Moneypenny. "I don't think it is a big deal."

Some, however, didn't think the woman's actions were inappropriate.

"It's unnatural and degrading," wrote Fred DeHerra.

The woman, for her part, acknowledged her actions were "taboo," but told KRDO-TV that she was "desperate" to do something to save the puppy.

“I just felt like he just had an hour left. That’s how weak he was, he wasn’t moving and I just did it,” the woman told the local outlet, noting the dog wouldn't accept the bottle or K-9 formula.

[sharequote align="center"]"I didn’t know what else to do, I was desperate and I just couldn’t bear sitting there watching it die."[/sharequote]

“He just wasn’t taking it," she added. "I didn’t know what else to do, I was desperate and I just couldn’t bear sitting there watching it die. Literally what clicked in my head was like, put him on you, just pray to God he will take something and not die.”

The puppy ultimately survived, reaffirming the woman's decision to take her unorthodox actions.

"That dog is alive because I took that initiative," she said.

(H/T: Palm Beach Post)


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