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The Reaction of Some Bystanders to ‘Kidnapped’ Child Will Have You Cheering – Others Will Test Your Faith in Humanity
Image source: YouTube

The Reaction of Some Bystanders to ‘Kidnapped’ Child Will Have You Cheering – Others Will Test Your Faith in Humanity

"You just saved this kid's life."

If a child came up to you begging for help and saying he'd been kidnapped, what would you do?

A powerful video by Yousef Saleh Erakat on the YouTube channel fouseyTUBE recorded the reactions of people in such a situation, featuring a boy walking up to strangers and telling them he had been taken.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"Growing up my biggest fear was getting kidnapped. I would get home early from school and sit on my front lawn until my parents came home because I felt like someone was inside my house waiting for me," Erakat wrote. "This video was a way for me to express that fear in an artisitc way and also spread positive change as to why it is important to ACT when put into these types of situations.

"Kids being abducted are nervous being around the person who captured them so it's on us to know when he or she is in danger," he said. "This video will not bring back any of the disappeared angels but it may help prevent losing anymore to the devil."

In the experiment, the boy approached people on the street, saying he was kidnapped by a man in a jacket. He asked for help, begging the stranger to call his mother. Then the man playing the kidnapper approached, claiming the boy was his son who had run away from him.

One man, when approached by the kidnapper, didn't let him take the boy, physically putting himself in between the two and telling the boy to call his mother.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

By contrast, another person who heard the child's plea for help believed the kidnapper's story and shook his hand as he let the boy go.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

In some situations, the boy pretended to be afraid to even say he wasn't the man's son, as the fake kidnapper was claiming.

One person who witnessed the kidnapper trying to lure the boy with the promise of candy turned around and walked toward the man and child. He questioned the man but backed down when the kidnapper became hostile at the confrontation and when the boy said fearfully that he was the man's son.

You could tell the story wasn't sitting well with this passerby; he kept looking back as he walked away from them. But he still walked away.

Watch the experiment:

More often than not, the strangers approached in the video did not let the boy go with the man. Some were willing to get into a physical fight with the man -- one woman even pepper sprayed him.

Those involved in the experiment were told of the hoax by the camera man who would run up when things got heated, or the kidnapper would point out a hidden camera.

"Sir, you're on camera," the fake kidnapper said. "You're on a hidden camera show: abducting children to see what people would do in real-life situations. You just saved this kid's life."

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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