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Blindfold guess who: national TV reporter in business attire getting some cardio in at DC gym

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Many political and media types in Washington, D.C., like to get a workout in when they can (appearance is close to everything in the city). That usually involves dashing to a gym before or after work or during a lunch break.

Credit: Shutterstock Credit: Shutterstock

Implicit in these quickie gym trysts is that there's at least time to change clothes, as to not sweaty up any nice business clothes.

But not everyone is afforded that luxury. On Tuesday, one reporter who works for a major cable news outlet was spotted by TheBlaze Blog utilizing a stationary bicycle machine at a local fitness center. The reporter, a female, was fully clothed in normal business attire: a dress, black hosiery and black, heel-less shoes. As she pedaled, she tapped away on her phone.

Never know when news might break and you're needed for a live shot, right?

Guess who.

Hint: This reporter covers the NSA.

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