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Wild Video: Skydiver's Camera Survives Fall From a Plane...but the Last 24 Seconds Are the Best Part


Discovery came eight months later.

Image: YouTube

Loads of videos from the popular GoPro cameras are posted online every single day, but few are as bizarre as the one posted on YouTube by Mia Munselle. The clip attached below was not taken by a camera owned by Munselle, she says. It comes from one she found in the pig pen on her property. Apparently, the camera had fallen from a skydiving plane that frequently flies over the area.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

After spotting the camera in the mud, and removing the memory card, Munselle discovered that the tough camera was actually recording some dizzying video as it fell from the plane to the ground. That footage alone would be enough for an interesting video.

But the camera didn't stop rolling.

The dropped GoPro continued capturing video after it landed in the pig pen and encountered a curious and hungry pig.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Once the pig discovered the camera, it did exactly what you might expect a pig to do -- try to eat it. This produces the most entertaining portion of the short video, as well as some scary looking images.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

"Camera falls from a sky diving airplane and lands on my property in my pig pen," she writes on the video's description. "I found the camera 8 months later and viewed this video."

That story hasn't been confirmed (and with online videos, you never know). Since being posted on February 9, it has garnered over one million views.

The short 1:09 video can be seen here.

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