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The Strange 'Family Feud' Answer We Didn't Even Think Was Real


"A sign that the end of the world is coming very soon."

Image: YouTube

In an episode of the popular game show Family Feud that aired Wednesday, February 12, host Steve Harvey asked contestants to, "Name something in a car that two lovers might accidentally turn on while making out."

The top answer will surprise many people. In addition, we have to admit that we initially questioned the legitimacy of the image below:

Family Feud Image: YouTube

The female contestant  on the right side was the first to punch the answer button. She responded "the lights." Since that was only the third most popular response in the Family Feud's survey, the next contestant was allowed to respond. The man on the left answered, "the stereo" and Harvey revealed the top answer (given by 32 of the 100 people who answered the question): "Radio / Glenn Beck."

While even we doubted the authenticity of the photo that originally hit Twitter, we found out it was quite real.

Watch what some Mercury Radio Arts employees have called, "A sign that the end of the world is coming very soon."

TheBlaze is reaching out to the Atlanta-based production office of Family Feud. We are seeking further clarification around the survey that found Glenn Beck's voice to be essential while "making out" in a car.

Although we're not sure we want the answer.

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