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The Unorthodox Way One Restaurant Is Grappling With the Added Cost of Obamacare


"...most people have been very supportive of it."

A Los Angeles restaurant is dealing with the Affordable Care Act's mandate to provide health care to employees in a way that protects their bottom line: They've added an Obamacare surcharge to every tab.

"It's a 3-percent surcharge that goes completely towards providing health care for all the employees of the restaurant," République manager Laura Teodori told TheBlaze Tuesday.

République has started charging a three-percent health surcharge fee. (Image source: Screen grab via Républiquela.com) Los Angeles restaurant République has started charging a 3-percent health care surcharge fee. (Image source: Républiquela.com)

Under the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama's signature health care law, businesses with more than 50 employees will be required to provide some health benefits.

"It's because of that," Teodori said. The surcharge, labeled on receipts as "3 percent healthy L.A." is "so we are able to provide health care for our employees because there is going to be a fine implemented if you don't have health care this year."

Each République employee receives full coverage health care, Teordi told TheBlaze. She noted that if a patron is particularly unhappy with the added charge, the restaurant will remove it from the bill.

"If people are very upset about it then of course we don't make them pay it," she said. "We'll take it off. But most people have been very supportive of it."


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