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Video of Protective Dog’s Reaction to Man Trying to Touch Pregnant Woman’s Belly Is Going Viral


"You are not messing with my baby!"

(Screengrab via Break.com video)

A video uploaded on Break.com Monday shows the lengths to which one dog is willing to go to keep people from touching one pregnant woman’s belly.

Every time the man in the video reaches out to touch the woman’s stomach, the dog reacts by barking, snarling and snapping at his hand. It isn't clear if the pregnant woman is the dog's owner, though it seems likely.

(Screengrab via Break.com video) (Screengrab via Break.com video)

"Baby's got his own protector," the man recording the video says. "You are not messing with my baby!"

Now it’s entirely possible that the dog has been trained to react that way to anyone who reaches out and tries to touch the pregnant woman — but it’s still pretty impressive. Further, the dog doesn’t appear to be vicious and his tail can be seen wagging at times. It's also unclear when the video was recorded.

Watch the video here:

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