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What are the odds Ted Cruz puts on a Hillary Clinton presidency?

Credit: Eddie Scarry/TheBlaze

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) thinks former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's shot at the presidency, should she decide to run, is less than 50-50. To be exact, the likelihood of a Clinton presidency is 40 percent, Cruz said Thursday.

Credit: Eddie Scarry/TheBlaze Credit: Eddie Scarry/TheBlaze

TheBlaze Blog dropped in on an event featuring a Q&A with Cruz, hosted by Politico. There, Cruz said Clinton has been "consistently wrong" on both foreign policy and domestic policy.

He said Clinton's proposals for health care reform in the 1990s "would have been every bit as disastrous" as "Obamacare" is now and that she's responsible for the Obama administration's "alienating (of) allies and cozying up to enemies" abroad.

Other highlights from the Cruz interview:

He said the Republican Party is "better off" today than before the party's last presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, lost in 2012. Confronted with a new New York Times poll that showed the GOP with an edge heading into the 2014 midterm elections, Cruz said, "If the New York Times agrees with me, I may have to reconsider my position."

On whether any of his new energy policy proposals would be passed into law, Cruz said, realistically, no. "Not in (Majority Leader) Harry Reid's Senate."

He said the "single greatest threat" to U.S. national security is Iran, citing the country's nuclear development.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Cruz have a reportedly contentious relationship. Asked during a word association segment about McConnell, Cruz answered dismissively, "Leader ... that's what's stenciled on his door."

On the traffic controversy surrounding New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: "nonsense."

Cruz also left open the possibility that he'll engage in GOP congressional primary elections, despite reports in that past that he wouldn't. He said he "likely" (with emphasis) would not meddle in those races.

His favorite person to follow on Twitter: "Michelle Malkin has some real verve."

He called himself a "big Sean Hannity fan" but also said he respects CNN's Dana Bash for, he said, challenging both Democrats and Republicans.

And, for the curious, Cruz said he's addicted to "Candy Crush," the popular smartphone game. He said he's on level 217.

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