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You've Never Seen Reindeer Herded From This Point of View


Photographer captures reindeer games with hexacopter drone.

Notice the slightly pink nose on this reindeer in Austria. (Photo: AP/Kerstin Joensson)

A drone captured amazing footage of reindeer handlers moving hundreds of the animals from pen to pen.

Reindeer are herded Hundreds of reindeer can be seen running in circles before they are carefully herded into a center pen. (Image source: YouTube)

The footage was captured by a Norwegian photographer about two miles south of Kautokeino, a municipality in Finnmark county, Norway.

few The reindeer herders can be seen carrying huge pieces of netting or cloth to guide the animals into the center pen, where dozens of people are waiting. (Image source: YouTube)

Jan Helmer Olsen used aerial camera drones to capture the amazing reindeer footage, which he posted on YouTube Wednesday.

Jan olsen Jan Helmer Olsen captured the rare footage on his hexacopter drones. (Image via Luftfoto)

Olsen's website says his "hobby and passion is photography and filming." The majority of his aerial footage is captured with a hexacopter drone.

"This is only a small part of the reindeer that are on film. They have now had many thousands of deer inside the fence before this was filmed," Olsen told TheBlaze in an email.

Check out the eye-catching reindeer herding video, here:


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