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Pizza-Delivery Driver Says Crooks Robbed Him at Gunpoint, Stealing Cash and His Car. The Next Day He Was Fired.


"Please don’t shoot me. I have a 3-year-old kid."

Why would a pizza-delivery driver who said he was held up at gunpoint and robbed of cash — as well as his car — get fired the next day?

That's what Reza Abolhassani wants to know — but answers are few and far between in this bizarre stick-up case.

Abolhassani was delivering pizza for a Papa Johns in Aurora, Colo. Sunday night when the store got an order that was initially canceled by the employee who took it because it didn’t sound like a "legitimate" order, Abolhassani said.

Image source: KMGH-TV Image source: KMGH-TV

“She said the customer was rude..." he noted to KMGH-TV in Denver.

But when the customer called back, the shift manager pushed Abolhassani to get the pizza to its destination.

“She said, ‘They’re regular customers. Just make the delivery,’” he said. “I told her before I left the store, ‘If I don’t come back in 20 minutes, please call the cops.”

So Abolhassani pulled into the condo complex parking lot and said he noticed someone in the window of the landing.

“I thought he was the customer waiting for the pizza,” he said, adding that as he walked up the stairs, two men ran at him and said, ‘Shhhh, where’s the money?’”

Abolhassani added that the men pointed a gun at his chest and then his head.

“I just told them, ‘Please don’t shoot me. I have a 3-year-old kid,’” he said.

The men allegedly got away with Abolhassani's cash, as well as his car.

If that isn't bad enough, things soon got strange.

Abolhassani said he called his shift manager to report the robbery; she put him on hold. So he hung up and called police.

The next day he said his regular manager called him. “He asked 'What happened? Why did you not put your money in the red box?' which he never gave me," Abolhassani told KMGH.

Abolhassani said Papa Johns policy limits cash drivers can carry to $20; the rest is goes in a red box at the store. But without a box, Abolhassani said he carried the money with him — and that's why he was fired, he added.

“They said, ‘I’m sorry Reza. We know you’re a good driver, but we can’t keep you because it’s the policy,’” Abolhassani told KMGH.

Image source: KMGH-TV Image source: KMGH-TV

“(The manager) gave me a box for about week, then took my name off of it and gave it to someone else,” Abolhassani said, adding that he doesn't know why his manager did that.

The local Papa Johns told KMGH it couldn’t discuss the matter, referring the station to the pizza chain's corporate office, which didn't return the station's phone call.

TheBlaze contacted Aurora police for an update in this case but the call was not immediately returned. Among the unanswered questions:

  • Have police questioned the customer who placed the delivery order that led to the alleged stick-up? Abolhassani was apparently apprehensive about going to that address after the customer was described as "rude" and making an order that didn't seem "legitimate."
  • Have police located Abolhassani's car?

And if Abolhassani's manager didn't furnish him with a new red box for cash, why would that be held against the former Papa Johns delivery driver?

Abolhassani said he’s looking for a new job, but he won't be delivering pizza late at night anytime soon.

“I don’t think my wife will let me do that,” he told KMGH.

This story has been updated.

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