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What Lifts This Woman Off the Ground Is Something You'll Have to See to Believe


"The first time in the world..."


A German company claims they've broken a world record with drones: lifting the first human to flight with a remote-controlled helicopter.

Heligraphix, an RC helicopter company known for their gravity-defying stunts, enlisted the help of H.U.L.C. — Heavy Ultra Lift Crane model helicopters — to achieve their first.

w A woman was lifted off the ground for several seconds by two heavy-lift drones. (Image source: YouTube)

"This is the first time in the world that a human person is being lifted by a remote-controlled aircraft," said Tobias Wagner, Heligraphix and H.U.L.C. pilot.

The team used upgraded Gaui X7 "megatron" helicopters outfitted with some seriously heavy-duty components, to give each of the two model helicopters 10 kW of constant power, Wagner said.

Drone Tobias Wagner stands behind one of the suped-up drones. (Image source: YouTube)

The helicopters are outfitted with batteries that generate 70 watts.

"This machine is built like a tank ... it has to have some of the most stable mechanics I've ever seen on a 700 size," Wagner said.

f The Heligraphix team went to Spain to achieve their world-record stunt. (Image source: YouTube)

Check out the flight video here!

And if you have a hankering to take flight via a remotely controlled helicopter, Heligraphix basically gives you the blueprint; their behind-the-scenes video walks you through building one:

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