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Pure Fun: Subaru Race Video Pits Remote Car Against 'Stick Bomb


Subaru created a fun video that is ideal for your morning coffee slack-off time.

The video creators designed an awesome track for their radio control model WRX STI, then lined it with the eye-popping "toy" called a stick bomb - flat wooden sticks that are woven together under tension, and then fly apart like light-weight dominos when one is removed.

w Can sticks powered by a shock wave beat this Subaru model race car? (YouTube).

When the sticks are woven together in a reticulated grid pattern, each stick is held in place by tension created by the elasticity of wood or other material. In this case, the entire track is lined with a properly-constructed "bomb" so when one stick is removed it causes the other sticks to fly apart with surprising force.

The speed of the shock wave depends on the materials used. If craft sticks are used, the detonation speed is approximately 67–90 miles per hour, and tongue depressors reach a speed of 22 miles per hour, according to Wikipedia.

The slow-motion videography and car-mounted cameras really make it worth the two minutes. So who wins when sticks are pitted against a zippy, miniature race car? Find out below!


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