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Some 'Don't Feel Comfortable' With Park's Plan for 'Open-Air Urinal


"You never know about the predators out there."

the Pissoir will have an open back -- no door. (Image source: KTVU-TV)

First, a San Francisco park had issues with portable restrooms -- they were vandalized. Then, it had issues with public urination -- it was indecent. Now, it's getting a mixed reaction for it's plan for an "open-air urinal," which planners hope will solve both of these problems.

The "pissoir," as it's called, according to KTVU-TV, is part of a $12.5 million renovation project by the city's Recreation and Parks Department. Some of the construction budget will go toward two buildings that will have 31 traditional bathroom stalls, but the $15,000 pissoir -- it's a French word and design -- in Dolores Park will be relatively exposed to the elements.

"There's a big issue right now with people urinating on the Muni tracks," Jake Gilchrist, the renovation project manager, told the news station.

the Pissoir will have an open back -- no door. (Image source: KTVU-TV) the Pissoir will have an open back -- no door. (Image source: KTVU-TV)

The pissoir "is essentially a 7-foot screen with some plants on it and an area drain that empties into the sewer system," Gilchrist said.

That means there is no seat, no need to flush and no door.

"I don't feel comfortable with that, especially with adults and children. You never know about the predators out there," Pedro Martins said, according to KTVU.

Gilchrist told KPIX-TV that "clearly the people who were urinating on the tracks have no problem with privacy," making the pissoir a preferable option.

"They'll be in and out as other people are waiting in line to use it," he said.

Watch the news station's report:

Some, like Bryan Ching, think it's better than the alternative.

"[I'm] retty sure it’s a little cleaner than what goes on in those porta-potties," Ching said.


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