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The Messages on These Condom Wrappers Were Deemed Too Sexually Suggestive to Hand Out to High Schoolers


"...taken steps to replace this supply..."

Boston Public Schools will be removing thousands of donated condoms from their schools after some parents complained the packaging was too sexually suggestive for teenagers.

The school system, which received 40,000 free condoms last fall from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, had planned to make them available to students in their high schools this year.

However, when some parents saw the wrappers on the contraceptives, they were upset. Packaging on the condoms featured messages such as "one lucky lady," "hump one" and "tasty one."

Stephanie Bode Ward, a concerned mom, even turned to Twitter demanding school officials provide an explanation.

Ward even told the Boston Globe she supports school officials providing students with condoms.

“Right idea, wrong execution,” she said. “I so fully support condoms in the schools, and it was incredibly courageous for BPS to adopt the policy.”

[sharequote align="center"]“Right idea, wrong execution."[/sharequote]

Now, Boston Public Schools plans to pull the entire supply and replace them with less sexually suggestive condoms.

“We understand why some people may have concerns about the design,” spokesman Lee McGuire told the Boston Globe. “This is why we have already taken steps to replace this supply with a donation from the Boston Public Health Commission. We have already begun to distribute these different condoms to schools so there is no interruption in our overall comprehensive sexual health education effort.”

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