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Firefighter Was in the Middle of Helping a Woman During Medical Call When He Suddenly Found Himself in Handcuffs


"very unfortunate"

Screengrab via WBRZ-TV

A fireman in New Roads, La., was rendering aid to a woman during a medical call on Monday when a police officer ordered him to move his firetruck, which was parked on the side of the street with its flashing lights on. When he refused, the officer slapped handcuffs on him and detained him in the back of his police cruiser.

Screengrab via WBRZ-TV Screengrab via WBRZ-TV

Now the State Fire Marshal’s Office has launched an investigation into the incident to determine if the cop violated laws designed to protect firefighters during emergencies.

The incident was captured on surveillance cameras at the New Roads Housing Authority. The fireman was detained in the police care for 22 minutes, according to the footage.

The fireman was reportedly the first on the scene to help Amber Porter, who says she “passed out” while she was walking towards the kitchen in her home. As he rendered her aid, Porter told WBRZ-TV that she recalls a New Roads police officer coming to the door and telling the fireman to move his truck without even asking how the victim was doing.

Deputy Chief Brant Thompson announced the investigation on Wednesday.

"I have tasked detectives today to begin that investigation," he said. "They will be conducting interviews and other information concerning what is seen as a very unfortunate incident that occurred in New Roads."

New Roads Police Chief Kevin McDonald reportedly told the news station that the fireman made a sarcastic comment to the officer when he was asked to move his truck — and that’s reportedly why he was detained. The chief said he does not plan on disciplining the officer involved.

Porter, the victim who needed help, said the cop should be “fired or suspended” for detaining a first responder who was only “helping” her.

"He wasn't just parking his car to park it," she said.

A very similar incident recently occurred in Chula Vista, Calif., where a fireman tending to a victim at the scene of a serious rollover car accident was arrested for refusing to move his truck.

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