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Parents Will Love Animator Dad's Awesome Video Series That Transforms His Son Into a Superhero


"Gets into some epic situations."

Meet "Action Movie Kid."

He's a 3-year-old that "gets into some epic situations."

Daniel Hashimoto, an animator for Dreamworks, took short videos of his son, James, during everyday play and used a video-editing program to transform the clips into imaginative adventures.

Hashimoto told the Creator's Project that he began making the short video after James saw the "Iron Man" movies and said "What if I did that for real-sies, Dad?"

Watch what this Lego blaster can do. "It's kind of like a real gun," Action Movie Kid (aka James) said:

Check out this destruction of a Toys "R" Us store:

Here Action Movie Kid demonstrates the danger of wet floors:

Remember the game where you couldn't touch the floor because it was lava? For Action Movie Kid, it wasn't just a game:

And finally, Action Movie Kid uses Batman's grappling gun:

Check out more of the 15-second or less clips on Action Movie Kid's YouTube site.

(H/T: Gizmodo)

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