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UPDATE: American Flag Flying Once Again Inside Wells Fargo Bank in New Mexico


Customers are not happy about the decision.

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UPDATE: KRQE-TV has updated their story and now reports the flag is flying once again inside the Wells Fargo location:

A U.S. flag that had been taken down at a New Mexico bank, is flying once again.

According to Wells Fargo officials, the flag that was hanging inside their Los Lunas branch had been taken down because it was displayed incorrectly.

After complaints from an employee, the flag has been put on a flagstaff and now hangs in the foyer of the bank.


A Wells Fargo bank in Los Lunas, N.M., reportedly took down its own American flag hanging inside the building after a few people complained that it was “offensive.”

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A spokesman for Wells Fargo told KRQE-TV they have received a number of complaints from people in different states about U.S. flags on display in the banks.

But other customers are not happy about the decision.

“We have to stand up for what’s right and it’s right to be able to display the flag!” one frustrated customer told the news station. “Because of someone previously complaining and being offended about the flag being up, they were asked to remove it.”

When asked by KRQE-TV how the American flag might offend people, Wells Fargo could not come up with an answer.

The U.S. flag inside the Los Lunas location was reportedly taken down on Tuesday after being up for nine months. Even some of the employees were seemingly surprised by the decision.

“We need to grow up here a little bit and stop being so offended about every little thing,” a customer said.

Wells Fargo plans to install a flag pole outside the Los Lunas branch, however. The spokesman said the flag inside was hanging up using tacks, which he said could be considered disrespectful.

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