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Security Guard Hired to Reduce Violence Suffers Fractured Skull at Hands of Teen — But How the Rest of the Students React Is Almost as Disturbing


"It sounded like a melon hitting the wall."


Images and video of a security guard lying unconscious on the floor after he was knocked out by a 17-year-old boy at a high school were recently plastered all over social media. That’s because when the violent incident occurred, many of the students chose to pull out their cellphones and take pictures rather than step in and help.

Ironically, Alphonso Stevenson was hired by Bartram High School in Philadelphia to help reduce the violence plaguing the school.

Watch ABC6's video report below:

The 63-year-old was reportedly greeting students as they walked through the halls on March 21 when an unidentified student knocked his clipboard out of his hands and then pushed him into a wall when he went to pick it up.

Stevenson’s head smashed against the wall, knocking him unconscious. He suffered a fractured skull, concussion and other injuries, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

"It sounded like a melon hitting the wall," social studies teacher Stephen Pfeiffer recalled.


The teenager who committed the assault took off while other students apparently gathered around the unconscious staffer and took pictures to post on social media sites.

The student responsible for the attack was later caught by police and charged as a juvenile for aggravated assault and related charges.

Meanwhile, Stevenson was released from hospital and is believed to be recuperating at home.

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