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First-of-Its-Kind Video Claims to Show Meteor Narrowly Missing Skydiver


"I expected a big flaming whoosh."


A Norwegian man claims he was almost struck by a falling meteor while skydiving, resulting in the first ever video footage of a meteor traveling through the air after its flame has been extinguished.

The near-miss occurred during a Oslo Parachute Club jump in Hedmark, Norway, in 2012.

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Anders Helstrup, the man who lived to tell the tale, said he didn’t realize what it was at first and thought maybe it was a stone that had been packed in a parachute.

However, a geologist later confirmed that a “meteoroid had exploded about 200 kilometers from Mr. Helstrup and his fellow skydivers when they made the historic jump in 2012,” The Telegraph reports.

Some viewers weren't entirely impressed with the footage, though.

"Maybe, just maybe, he picked up a small rock while folding his parachute?" one user wrote.

"[M]ust confess that on a visual level, this was kind of bust. I expected a big flaming whoosh," another commented.

"That was a very very slow meteorite. Are you sure, that wasn't a stone that fell out of your pocket?" yet another echoed.

Watch and decide for yourself:

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