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Gingrich Slams 'New Fascism' That Brought Down Mozilla CEO Over Gay Marriage Views


“If...you have the wrong views, meaning conservative, you have no career."

Image source: ABC News via Mediaite

Newt Gingrich ripped into what he called the growing “new fascism” that's now forcing people out of jobs over their conservative beliefs — noting former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, who stepped down last week after public outcry over his $1,000 donation in support of California’s Prop 8, which would have banned same-sex marriage.

Image source: ABC News via Mediaite Image source: ABC News via Mediaite

“If you’re a young faculty member, in a lot of places, if you’re a young member of a news department, and you have the wrong views, meaning conservative, you have no career,” Gingrich said on "This Week With George Stephanopoulos" Sunday morning.

“This is just the most open, blatant example of the new fascism, which says if you don’t agree with us 100%, we have the right to punish you, unless you’re like Hillary [Clinton] and Barack Obama, and you recant.”

The issue has been hot in the news cycle. "Real Time" host Bill Maher referenced on his most recent broadcast the power of what he called the "gay mafia"; TheBlaze reported on a store owner in Portland who's facing backlash after her beliefs concerning same-sex marriage were discovered on Facebook.

“Where would you draw the line?” ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked Gingrich. “What if he came out against interracial marriage?”

“I think the question is do you want to live in an open and tolerant society, or do you want impose your views at the cost of people’s jobs?” Gingrich replied.

Check out the ABC News clip via Mediaite/YouTube:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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