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The Video That Shows You Why You Should Never Leave Your Computer Unattended at a Coffee Shop


Culprit casually stole $2200 in electronics without anyone noticing

In case you thought sitting at an upscale coffee shop with plenty of activity prevents you from being robbed, think again.

This security footage from a San Fransisco cafe shows how an unassuming lawbreaker waited for just the right moment to strike the unsuspecting victim.

Can you tell which person in the scene is about to steal a $1300 dollar laptop? Can you tell which person in the scene is about to steal a $1800 laptop? (Image via YouTube).

The miscreant patiently waited a full 70 minutes, nursing a $4 cup of coffee, before striking the victim who leaves her computer and iPhone unattended to use the restroom.

The news anchor in this video points out the theft for viewers, but try turning off the volume and watch the scene to test your investigative skills. Can you spot the culprit before the theft occurs? Then watch it again to see if you were right.

Unfortunately, this young lady's laptop is long gone, according to police. Her iPhone was recovered, but a single trip to the bathroom cost her quite a headache. Lesson learned: people behave badly even in "safe" coffee shops.


(H/T: KRON 4- TV)

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