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Can Your Sleeping Position Say Something About Your Relationship?


"... allow people to gain an insight into someone's personality and relationship ..."

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What's your favored sleeping position? How does it relate to that of our partner?

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A new survey suggests that how you and your partner sleep could be an indicator of your relationship happiness.

Conducted by University of Hertfordshire psychologist Richard Wiseman asked more than 1,000 people about their sleeping habits and quality of their relationship.

Here's a bit of a breakdown of what he found:

  • 42 percent of couples sleep back to back
  • 31 percent sleep facing the same direction
  • 4 percent sleep facing each other
  • 12 percent of couples sleep less than one inch apart, while 2 percent sleep more than 30 inches apart

The distinction in how sleeping position could indicate a relationship factor is touching.

"One of the most important differences involved touching, with 94 percent of couples who spent the night in contact with one another were happy with their relationship, compared to just 68 percent of those that didn't touch," Wiseman said.

According to Wiseman's research, couples that slept further apart were less happy with there relationships.

"This is the first survey to examine couples' sleeping positions, and the results allow people to gain an insight into someone's personality and relationship by simply asking them about their favorite sleeping position," Wiseman said.

(H/T: ScienceDaily)

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