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Bundy Family Claims to Have Uncovered 'Disturbing New Evidence' in Aftermath of Tense Ranch Battle With Feds


"We just can see the evidence..."

Members of the Bundy family brought “disturbing new evidence” to Greta Van Susteren on Monday, claiming that federal officials killed some of their cows and threw them into a mass grave during the tense standoff between the Bureau of Land Management and armed supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

Bundy’s wife, Carol, claimed they discovered some of their cattle that had been “shot” dead and tossed into “shallow grave that had been dug and covered up.”

When asked if they had received any explanation from the BLM regarding the dead cattle, Carol said they are not in communication with the agency. The family says they have found a total of eight dead cows so far -- "four from the pit, two in the corral and then two bulls out on the range that we found."

“We just can see the evidence that I have some of my cattle that are no longer with us,” she said.

(Fox News/Bundy Family) (Fox News/Bundy Family)

(Fox News/Bundy Family) (Fox News/Bundy Family)

(Fox News/Bundy Family) (Fox News/Bundy Family)

(Fox News/Bundy Family) (Fox News/Bundy Family)

BLM officials reportedly claim they killed the cattle because they were too “rowdy,” Fox News reported Monday. The Bundy family alleges some of the cows were shot up to seven times, claiming that the killings were handled in such a way that the animals suffered.

As TheBlaze has previously reported, “Bundy reportedly owes the federal government roughly $1 million in grazing fees, an amount he accumulated after he ‘fired’ the Bureau of Land Management in 1993 over its decision to turn public land into a protective habitat for the state’s desert tortoise.”

Though the federal government prematurely shut down its operation to confiscate Bundy’s “trespass cattle” earlier this month, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) recently said the situation is “not over” and revealed a federal task force is begin assembled.

Watch the interview via "On the Record" below:

(H/T: Fox Nation)

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