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Sabotage': Silicon Valley Expert Questions 'Tech Meltdown' Preventing Deportation of Illegals


"More than two or three failing at the same time has got to be sabotage."

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An unnamed contact in Silicon Valley recently emailed Glenn Beck questioning the reported "tech meltdown" preventing the deportation of illegal immigrants. Having worked on computers for decades, the expert claimed, there is no way the government's electronics could have malfunctioned to such an intense degree without some form of "sabotage."

The story was first picked up by the New York Post, which reported:

A computer meltdown is crippling the nation’s immigration courts — creating an overwhelming backlog of deportation cases, The Post has learned.

The problem began April 12, when five servers that help power a nationwide computer network failed and shut down the entire system, an insider at the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed.

Without access to the electronic records, court proceedings have slowed to a crawl and officials are resorting to old-fashioned methods — including paper, pens and cassette recorders — to keep track of cases. [Emphasis added]

The Post reported that the "parts needed to repair the busted servers," which are located in Falls Church, Virginia, aren't expected to arrive for "at least two weeks."

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Beck's contact was extremely skeptical that the meltdown was the result of a hardware failure, and not something more deliberate, and asked a number of more detailed questions.

"What exactly is a 'tech meltdown'?" he wrote. "I have been on computer nonstop since the TRS 80 and I have never seen a tech meltdown ... What exactly happened for the computers to fail?"

He added that the servers are designed with redundancies so the entire system won't collapse if just one fails. To have more than one fail at once is "insanely improbable."

"In fact," he asserted, "more than two or three failing at the same time has got to be sabotage."

The Silicon Valley expert also questioned why the government is not utilizing its "off-site backup server" to prevent court proceedings from "slowing to a crawl."

"You get hit by a tornado, fire, hurricane, or your computer goes down, don't you have a cloud storing all of that information?" he asked. "File servers are kept -- especially court records -- in wildly secure locations."

"What exactly happened?" he probed. "What progressive went in with a baseball bat and took out all of their functioning file servers? What are they doing to make sure this never happens again, and again and again, until some immigration reform passes…?"

After asking why the NSA doesn't have a copy of the records, the Silicon Valley contact concluded with the warning that "there's far more to this story than is being disclosed."

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Read the complete New York Post article here.

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