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The End of Car Washes? Meet the World's First Self-Cleaning Vehicle


Nano-paint saves your Saturday mornings.

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Is this the death of car washes?

Nissan bets you won't mind so much.

w So shiny! (Image source: Autoblog)

Engineers with the Japanese auto giant have developed the world's first "self-cleaning car," using a special kind of paint.

Nissan engineers in Britain are testing ‘nano-paint technology’ which repels dirt before it has a chance to  paintwork.

"Shown on a European Note hatchback, the key is a special layer of super-hydrophobic and oleophobic material called Ultra-Ever Dry that is sprayed over the paint, Autoblog reported. "It creates a protective layer between the body and environment, and it means that when dirt or water come into contact with the car, the gunk just sheets away."

w The nano-paint was applied to one side of the car. (Image source: YouTube)

Nissan released a video showcasing the super-slick paint and it's repellant powers. After the driver takes the car along a muddy, wet road, the paint proves its worth: the dirt and sludge just slides off the side with the nano-paint.

The automaker admits this is just a test phase, but is pitching the new paint jobs -- which will be available on the Nissan Note -- as the end of car-washing chores.

"So far, the coating ... has responded well to common use cases including rain, spray, frost, sleet and standing water," Nissan said in a statement. "Whilst there are currently no plans for the technology to be applied to the model as standard, Nissan will continue to consider the coating technology as a future aftermarket option."

Check it out; you may never have to deal with dirty sponges and cold water on a Saturday morning again!

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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