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Hollywood Actor: God-Based Movies Are Thriving Because 'People Are Looking for Real Hope and Real Change


"They ignore the 'business' side of 'show business' so often."

Actor Kevin Sorbo speaks with Glenn Beck May 1, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Hollywood actor Kevin Sorbo told Glenn Beck Thursday that God-based movies are thriving at the box office because "people are looking for real hope and real change."

"Hollywood just thinks it's New York and L.A., that's all that exists," he remarked. "There are a bunch of states in between with a lot of people that have good morals, strong beliefs. They want movies that inspire them, that inspire their kids. ... And if you look at the history of Hollywood -- if you look at the movies with the biggest return -- it's always been family movies, comedies, things like that."

The star of the mega-hit Hercules, which he told Beck was once the most-watched show in the world, Sorbo is one of the stars in the recent box office success God's Not Dead. Costing only roughly $2 million to create, the movie has already made back over $50 million.

The film joins Heaven Is For Real and Son of God as yet another faith-based movie that has stunned critics at the box office in recent months.

Actor Kevin Sorbo speaks with Glenn Beck May 1, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Actor Kevin Sorbo speaks with Glenn Beck May 1, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Sorbo said he's not telling Hollywood to stop making violent or graphic movies, but said he finds it interesting that Hollywood "[ignores] the 'business' side of 'show business' so often."

He also commented on how rare it is for movies with Christian or conservative values to be made in Hollywood.

"Freedom of speech -- it seems to be something that's sort of going away in this country," Sorbo commented. "I don't mind other people's points of view. I'm open to debate. ... It's just weird that -- why does the viewpoint coming from conservative Christians in Hollywood have to be cut off? I don't get it."

Sorbo said one of the main goals for the film is to "start discussions," and they've been blown away by the response.

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