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'Ain’t Nothing but Satan’s Playground': Car Plows Through Murder Scene as Cameras Roll — and Driver's Identity Adds Awful Twist


“The devil has taken over this whole apartment complex."

Image source: YouTube raw clip

News crews covering a murder scene caught a shocking moment on camera when a man plowed a car through a screaming crowd Wednesday, KTRK-TV in Houston reported.

Image source: YouTube raw clip Image source: YouTube

The 38-year-old driver, Louis Anthony III, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and is expected in court on Friday, according to KPRC-TV in Houston.

His son, 18-year-old Louis Anthony IV, is a person of interest in the shooting but hasn't been charged, police confirmed to TheBlaze on Thursday.

The shooter reportedly ran away after a fight at an apartment complex that left 20-year-old Demarkus Harrison dead and another injured, KTRK said.

[sharequote align="center"]“The devil has taken over this whole apartment complex."[/sharequote]

The driver's fiancee, Deshonna Smith, was inside the car and said a family member of the shooting victim was taunting Anthony III.

"I see this arm coming into the driver's window, someone has punched him," Smith told KTRK. "So that's when he just kind of lost it."

"That’s when you seen the car go up in the median,” Smith added to KHOU-TV in Houston. “The devil has taken over this whole apartment complex. This ain’t nothing but Satan’s playground.”

A man is seen throwing a bicycle at the car...

Image source: YouTube raw clip Image source: YouTube

...moments later, Anthony III accelerates and drives toward various groups of people — estimated to be around 100 — who scream, run and jump out of the way.

No one was injured in the incident, KTRK reported.

Raw video captures the car before it was driven into the crowd:

After driving through the crowd, Anthony III exited the car while it was still moving and Smith was inside.

"I was just screaming 'Jesus!'" Smith told KTRK.

He was quickly tackled and handcuffed by police:

Image source: YouTube raw clip Image source: YouTube

Harrison's grandfather told KTRK he saw his grandson "lying out there on the ground, barely breathing" and added to KHOU that “the night before last, they came two blocks over and shot my house up."

Tarethe Robinson summed up the feelings of many fellow neighbors: “When will people learn that crime is not going to solve anything. You’re just killing yourselves off. It’s crazy.”

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