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America' Filmmaker Unveils Video Featuring Native American Activist's Stunning Opinion About Christopher Columbus


"...[the] notion of the essential goodness of America is under attack."

Conservative scholar and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza pleaded guilty Tuesday to one charge related to a case involving political donations, but that hasn't stopped his team from moving full-steam ahead with his forthcoming film "America: Imagine a World Without Her."

A new clip from the documentary, which will release across the nation July 4, was published Tuesday by Deadline. The footage, filmed in Tampa, Florida, features scenes recreating Christopher Columbus' discovery of America -- and one of the movie's interview subjects describing Columbus as "a lost sailor."

"I wish he didn't come," the unnamed subject, described by Deadline as a "Native American activist," says in the clip.

Watch it below:

The documentary's self-described intention is to set the record straight about the good that the United States has done -- and continues to do -- in the world.

An official description explains that the "notion of the essential goodness of America is under attack."

D'Souza and his team maintain that the nation is at a "crossroads" and that it is essential citizens learn about the nation's past so that they can prepare to pave the way towards her future.

Watch a trailer for "America" below:

TheBlaze previously covered another trailer that was unveiled last month -- one that teases interviews with people like liberal Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson and controversial academic Noam Chomsky.

In the short video, the United States is described as the “new evil empire” as well as a “predatory colonial power.”

“How badly we need right now a Washington, a Lincoln, a Reagan. Well, we don’t have them, but we do have us,” D’Souza narrates in the trailer.

Watch this latter trailer below:

(H/T: Deadline)

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