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Train Carrying Military Vehicles Slams Into Semi-Truck Stuck in the Middle of the Tracks


"That was a pretty close call."

A train carrying military vehicles and a semi-truck full of dry goods collided over the weekend after the truck was unable to move from the tracks.

Cellphone video of the truck stuck in the middle of the tracks Sunday recorded the sound of the train's whistle and the flash of warning lights at crossing gates well before the train came into the picture. As the train got closer and the truck remained, the driver evacuated while the spectator filming the scene couldn't believe what was about to happen and backed up his own car for safety.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Boxes of trail mix were scattered after impact.

Watch the footage (Content warning: very strong language):

According to KFSN-TV, labels on the military vehicles being transported by the train said they were being shipped from Ft. Lewis, Washington, to Fort Irwin, California. Though the truck was totaled, the train was not too damaged.

No one was hurt in the crash, California Highway Patrol Officer Moises Onsurez said, according to the Merced Sun-Star.

"The driver tried to move the semi but was unable to,” Onsurez said, noting that the truck's landing gear had become stuck on the tracks.

"That was a pretty close call for me too, so I'm very thankful," Ken McIntire, the truck driver, told KFSN.

He wasn't the only one who feared for his life though.

"Is the truck going to fly into traffic in front of us? Is the train going to derail? Is there going to be an explosion?" Robert Thissen, who saw the crash, told the news station of his thoughts. "The truck was right in front of us, maybe another five or ten seconds we would have been in this truck lane, we would have been destroyed, we would have been killed in this."


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