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17 Ridiculous and Dangerous Items the TSA Has Seized


"Somebody is paid to run an Instagram account for TSA."

Howerton, the ex-TSA agent, confesses his distrust of the system and several failures in security he witnessed during his time with the government agency. (Credit: AP).

The TSA's official Instagram account enjoys 56,750 followers and has posted over 100 pictures since June 2013, regularly barraging its followers with never-before-seen hashtags such as #instatsa, #tsablogteam, #TSACatch and #tsagram.

The account also serves as a forum where some Americans who aren't such a fan of the agency make their feelings known.

"Glad to see taxpayer money is going to a good cause... don't know how to cut spending yet somebody is paid to run an Instagram account for TSA. S***, can you guys make a SnapChat too?" wrote user nick1233 on a photo of a knife disguised as a gun last year.

Stun Gun Smokes

myszt: Nice, the prop from the Penn and Teller show makes an appearance!

Lipstick Bodkin

bravo_industry: HORRIBLE COLOR.

Folding Throwing Star

albywan_kenobi: may i inquire, just how did you think youd get this through security, my good sir?

Tiny, Tiny, Key Knife

jeffbridges: If a terrorist came at me with that thing I'd be all like, "Hey! Shouldn't the TSA have taken that away from you!?" Then I'd probably just punch them.

Stungun with an Iphone Screen

brookes_goshorn: what moron would put an iPhone home screen on a phone with buttons and believe that they wouldn't get caught. the idiot probably stole it from somebody.

60mm Mortar (inert)

angryasian 69: It was probably a communist, or a terrorist, or a democrat...oops those are all the same thing...

Costume Bomb Watch

kasper702: Thank god the TSA is protecting use from fake bombs

Dungeon Weapon

grrsh: As a postscript - Was he able to find a leg of mutton among the airport concessionaires

Comb Knife

myszt: Nice, the prop from the Penn and Teller show makes an appearance!

Cobra Sword

halexalpin: "Look! Snake cane wouldn't have made it through anyway"

Loaded guns. Lots of loaded guns.

mitcht1983: This is my right to carry!! I am American! I'll do what I want!

Batman Throwing Star

mrmizz6: So now the @tsa hates superheroes

Fake Bomb Alarm Clock

mspurple760: That wouldn't be funny to me if I was delayed because of that.

Inert Grenade Projectiles

burnswhenip: Thank God you saved us from inert things.

Bear Spray

hello_quart_knee: How are you supposed to protect yourself against in-flight bears??

Flashbang Grenade

oneoops31: Someone forgot to check their gear leaving #SHAWS it happens. I'd rather have a SEAL with a Flash Bang on my plane than an AHOLE with an underpants bomb.

Spear Gun

lukejay69: Can I bring my death ray

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