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Left Behind' Movie Trailer Shows Chaos and Pandemonium After the Rapture in Apocalyptic Thriller


"...the quintessential event that triggers all of Bible prophecy is the rapture..."

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The teaser trailer for "Left Behind" was released Friday, offering the first look at the reboot of the popular book and DVD series that first captivated audiences a decade ago.

The one-minute trailer offers glimpses of the film's cast, including actors Nicolas Cage as pilot Rayford Steele and Chad Michael Murray as journalist Buck Williams.

The recently unveiled movie poster for "Left Behind" (Image via Facebook/Left Behind) The recently unveiled movie poster for "Left Behind." (Image via Facebook/Left Behind)

It also the chaos and mayhem following the rapture, a theoretical theological event during which Christians will be taken up to heaven by God before the Earth’s destruction.

With a plane engulfed in flames, glass shattering, confused crowds and a bus plummeting off a cliff, the trailer teases a film that seems poised to entertain audience with absolute pandemonium.

Watch the trailer below:

“The reason to bring ‘Left Behind’ back is [two-fold]: one is to make it bigger and better, so that we can have a broader reach and a shot at a broader audience,” producer and writer Paul Lalonde told TheBlaze earlier this year. “The first time we did it it was a straight to DVD production.”

That in mind, Lalonde said he wanted a bigger movie with a better-known cast, a feat his team was able to accomplish in the new iteration.

“The second reason is that the first movie was based on the entire first book in the series, so a book this fat turned into a screen play with 57 plot points and no real time to get to know the characters,” he said. “And the quintessential event that triggers all of Bible prophecy is the rapture — and that got like three minutes of screen time in the first movie.”

Read more about "Left Behind" here.


Editor’s Note: TheBlaze was on set for the filming of “Left Behind,” and faith editor Billy Hallowell appears briefly in the film. He was not compensated for his role. This story is part of an ongoing series about the production and theological themes present in the storyline.


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