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She May Be a Quadriplegic, But That Didn't Stop Her from Graduating — Or Walking Across the Stage


"I did it, Dad."

Katharine Clark. (Image source: screengrab via WHAT)

Born with cerebral palsy and considered a quadriplegic, Katherine Clark faced many challenges, but she didn't give up — and on Friday she took major steps, literally and figuratively, as she walked across the stage to receive her high school diploma.

She said she did it to honor the memory of her dad.

Katharine Clark. (Image source: screengrab via WHAT) Katherine Clark. (Image source: screengrab via WJW-TV.)

“Everything she does on a day to day basis is double the energy than we would need,” her grandmother, Linda Clark, told WJW-TV.

Katherine pushed herself to compete in 4H and the Special Olympics, sing in choir and, most importantly, complete her high school coursework.

The Columbus Station, Ohio young woman graduated with around 80 of her classmates Friday, and while she's normally confined to a wheelchair, she had a trick up her sleeve.

She spent two years training to use a special device that allowed her to walk across the stage.

It's a process that started when her father passed away in 2007 and she began to think of ways to honor his memory.

“I want to make my dad proud,” Katherine told WJW-TV.

Image source: screengrab via WJW-TV Image source: screengrab via WJW-TV

If Katherine's father, Vince, was watching from above, he had a perfect vantage point to see the glitter message on top of her cap: "I did it Dad."

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