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This List Has George W. Bush First, Barack Obama Eighth... And Adolf Hitler at Number Nine

The 'Wikipedia' logo is seen on a tablet screen on December 4, 2012 in Paris. LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images

Public opinion of George W. Bush has fluctuated wildly over the years, and those fluctuations are reflected on the 43rd President's Wikipedia page.

Mona Chalabi at FiveThirtyEight gathered Wikipedia's edit history information to create a list of the site's 100 most-edited articles.

After removing the pages about editing pages, which are often full of nonsensical test copy, Chalabi found George W. Bush's page to be the clear winner, with over 45,000 edits as of November 2013.

Bush is far from the only politician on the list, but the next politician on the list -- Barack Obama -- doesn't show up until spot number eight, with 23,514 edits.

Adolf Hitler comes in right below the sitting President with 23,499 edits.

Another weird takeaway from the list: wrestling fans and/or detractors are extremely active on Wikipedia.

The "List of WWE personnel" was number two on the list, with more than 38,000 edits.

The "Kane (wrestler)" page was 37th on the list, just after "Islam" and just before "Canada;" "WWE" was 46th; and "John Cena" was number 51.

"Does all this reflect how controversial some topics are in society at large, or merely which topics are most contested by the people who edit Wikipedia?" Chalabi asked. "I had a strong suspicion it was mostly the latter (although I didn’t think the typical Wikipedia volunteer would also be a big WWE enthusiast), but it’s difficult to know."

See the complete list here.

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